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5 Common Video Marketing Mistakes


Creating strong, engaging video marketing content can be a tall order — learning how to identify the pitfalls can help you to avoid any costly mistakes!


Having the opportunity to work with some of the highest level brands (ranging from Reebok to Disney) has allowed us to learn from some of the best in the business. Video Marketing is one of the most affective marketing tools you can utilize to reach a variety of markets and engage with your audience. However, when done with poor planning and execution, these tools can do more harm than good. I've seen these types of mistakes made time and time again. The video you produce is a reflection of your brand, and such needs to be held to the same standards as the rest of your marketing strategy. Here are 5 Common Mistakes businesses make and tips on how to avoid them.


#1: Making a video just to make a video

Clearly defining the goal of your Video Marketing is paramount to its success. Does your video brand you? Is it highlighting a new product or feature you business has created? Is this video a kickoff for a higher branding initiative? If your unable to answer these questions, then you might be putting the cart in front of the horse.

The Fix: Take a minute and clearly layout the videos ultimate objective as you would any other marketing campaign. Once you have this in place, you'll have a far clearer picture of what it will take a achieve your message. (In the video production business this can be sometimes to referred as a Treatment or Outline)


#2: Lack of Story

"All the technology in the world can never replace a good story" - Pixar Studios.

Having a visually interesting video is only half the battle when creating lasting and memorable video content. The other and some would argue most important half is Story. Video content that feels like it was written like VCR instructions can kill the message your ultimately trying to achieve. Remember, the actual purpose of this video is to communicate your message and promote your business.

The Fix: Shape your script around the journey your customer will take with your product or business. Have a beginning, middle and an end. Watch the video example at the end of this post to see how we shaped a narrative around the product the client was presenting.


#3: Videos that last forever

Studies have shown that audience attention spans have been shrinking more and more over the years due to online consumption. This means you can have anywhere from 8-15 seconds to grab their attention. These days videos must be short, simple and relevant, or they risk losing viewership. So don't spend 20 minutes to say something when you could do it in 2. More is not always better.

The Fix: 60-90 seconds is great length for a product or business introduction. For those times when it needs just a bit more information, try not to exceed 5 minutes in length.


#4 Unclear Messaging

Filling your Video Marketing content with as many ideas as you can cram in is dangerous. Its distracting and hard to keep track of. Using one video to talk about too many subjects (business awards, new location, product launches, personal message from the CEO, etc) is going to loose the audiences attention quickly. You've added so much content to pay attention to, the audience no longer truly cares about any one thing.

The Fix: Use this opportunity to champion one clear message with a clear call to action. Save those other messages for additional video content.


Potential Pitfall: Not using an outside partner or producer

Viewers and potential customers are going to expect certain quality of work if you want them to associate you with being a premium brand. Sure you could just as easily shoot interviews and product shots from your iPhone, but more likely than not the content will clearly look like it was "shot from an iPhone". Hiring an outside production partner or producer, while costing more than doing it yourself, ensures that you'll be delivering your message in a quality that reflects your businesses standards and clearly targets your ideal audience.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

The Fix: Research local video production firms, and work with them elevate your story to the next level.

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